Designing a campaign for a photo exhibition with delicious photography

Melkweg Expo
 Campaign design  

Part of the Unseen photography festival, Melkweg Amsterdam organized a photography exhibition called “My Feeder is a photographer”.
The photographers chose a recipe and each interpreted the assignment in their own way. The result is fourteen very different images. I designed the campaign-visuals and the recipe cards that people could take with them in a folder.

Daantje Bons, Danny Griffioen, Devon de Koning, Doris Jongerius, Elsemarijn Bruys, Eva Kreuger, Kevin Osepa, Laila Mubarak, Larissa Ambachtsheer, Lonneke van der Palen, Noël Loozen, Roos Quakernaat, Sanne de Wilde, Suzanne Ranzijn